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FIRST VERITAS Publishes educational text books and supplementary material in all subjects from kindergarten to tertiary levels. Our vision is to publish innovative books on the African market. These includes, but not limited to fiction, textbooks, MRW, comics and other trade books.


Innovation is part of the culture at FIRST VERITAS. This is seen not only in the way we do our work, but also in the kind of products and services we offer. We have a whole range of digital products and many more are in development and testing stages.

  • E-book distribution
  • eBook Store for Nigeria


Our vision is to empower Nigeria with contemporary content and products, our road map is to create print and digitel products of deep value to consumers.

About Us

We are poised to drive positive change in the learning environment through print and digital models.

At FIRST VERITAS, we empower Government institutions, schools, teachers and students. We have products for all.

We have products that:

  • Help government to deliver better education services.
  • Help schools to improve teacher and management effectiveness.
  • Help students achieve overall improvements in learning outcomes.

We call it the positive effect.

We know our stuff.


Pinwheel is our pre-primary school imprint. At Pinwheel, we not only make our products & books playful for children, we also include engaging contents that are close to toddlers' hearts. By using a multi-skill approach that encompasses all the learning requirements essential for a preschooler, we believe in education being as much fun as kids playing with pinwheel toy.


Pinpoint is a primary school imprint. Pinpoint builds on the multi skill approach adopted in our Pinwheel series. At this level, we believe that pupils need the right guidance and foundation hence; we sharpen these elements into a pinpoint treatment with well-defined objectives at the beginning of each chapter, simple and precise explanation and vivid illustrations. Pinpoint not only standardizes the knowledge but also keeps it clear and engaging. This forms a foundation stone for their future studies and growth.


Our Secondary School titles are categorized into Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary. Each category has 3 levels. Our titles are UBE and WASSCE curriculum compliant. We also have several software for student use. One of these is the Question Bank. Overall, our solutions for Secondary School students help to prepare them for higher studies.
Meet the team
Gbenro Adegbola
(MD & CEO)
Adebola Oyefeso
Taiwo Daramola
Omosuzi Ugowe
(RBM - East)
Jide Omogoye
(RBM - South West 2)


Our Educational Solutions.

In furtherance of our commitment to help teachers teach more effectively and students to achieve significant gains in overall performance, First Veritas provides Education through innovation in various ways, to empower the educational community, government schools, teachers, students and parents.


Our school Books.

Holistic. Comprehensive. Curriculum Compliant.

We are one of the fastest growing players in the education sector, offering a variety of curriculum compliant books targeted at different levels of the education system. We have a wide range of core curriculum titles covering pre-primary to Secondary levels. We also have supplementary and curriculum support materials for students' activity in and out of the classroom.

Our materials are all written by experts in line with the approved curricula, and endorsed by relevant superintending bodies.

We also have a suite of innovative solutions for students.

Pre Primary

Our preprimary series are developed to help children get a head start in he world of learning. The series were developed using a multi skills approach that encompasses all the learning requirements essential for preschoolers.


Our Primary books build on the multi skills approach adopted in our preprimary books. It sharpens elements of this approach into a pinpoint treatment which; well defined objectives at the beginning of each chapter, simple and precise explanation and brightly colored illustrations.


These books, beyond the facts and knowledge in each subject, help students get an appreciation of studies at the secondary as a Gera towards higher cease mic or vocational studies. Thus students are given a view of the world beyond the classroom.


Continuous Professional Development for Teachers.

Structured. Comprehensive. Relevant.

With the phenomenal growth in the establishment of private schools in Nigeria, one of the main challenges faced by schools leadership and governing bodies, is the chronic shortage of skilled teachers . Yet, teachers play a crucial role in sound educational delivery. We have therefor developed Programs that support teachers in enhancing their effectiveness and sharpening their teaching skills.

We have engaged in extensive research to develop books and workshops that help teachers to effectively manage learning outcomes in their classes and provide them with the skills and support to become better educators.

Under our Veritas Teachers Institute, we offer a suite of structured and comprehensive professional development Programs for teachers as well as school leaders delivered in books, workshop settings and digital/on line access.

Teachers Network


Technology Platform.

Innovative. Interactive. Exciting.

In order to meet the growing interest in e-learning, and to provide a platform to better exploit the advantages of technology in education, we have developed a number of IT solutions that support teacher and school management effectiveness, help lead to positive change in school culture and produce significant gains in overall student achievement. These include:

  • School Manager
  • Student Report generator
  • School timetable and Schedule Manager
  • Exam and Assessment Software
  • Online learning for teachers

Also, Open and Distance Learning solutions, University Management Sysytems, Blended learning consultation, Learning management systems.


We turn ideas into wonderful things.

If you want to break boundaries with your project, working with us is a good start.

Question Bank

These are student examination self-preparation tools. It includes one with past questions for the last 20 years in WAEC with answers.

Student assessment

This software provides real time reporting and insights for educators and parents to continually monitor and analyze student interactions.It also helps students to improve on their skills rather than focus on score marks.

School management software

This software allows proper management of a school, from keeping accounts to payroll management, student and staff record etc.


Coming soon...

Public Sector Consulting

We offer consultancy services to governments that want to implement e-learning in their schools for students and teacher development.

Enterprise Level Consulting

Corporate organisations looking to deliver staff training programs online can also benefit from our consultancy using our three stage approach. We will conduct a needs assessment to determine what method best suites the intended end, engage the staff to get their buy in and finally embark on implementation and monitoring.

School Level Consulting

We also offer consultancy services to schools. We know that different schools require different learning solutions and advise on which strategies would suit them best. We are able to deliver costumised e-solutions on a turnkey basis.


School Solution Provider- SSP (Port Harcourt)

Job Description:

  • Spend 5-7 hours daily in assigned territory soliciting commercial prospects through face-to-face contact (business-to-business cold calling)
  • Supervisory role
  • Present and sell full product line (books, software, services) with emphasis on distinct features, benefits and value
  • Map out and carry out effective marketing strategies
  • Meet (and exceed) sales and activity goals monthly
  • Represent company at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations
  • Follow up on leads


The School Solution Provider position may be the right fit if you enjoy a challenge, like meeting new people, have a history of exceeding performance goals, are persistent (someone who does not take ‘no’ for an answer), have high energy and most importantly, a team player.

Specific requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field with no less than 2 years of sales experience.
  • Intermediate proficiency with Microsoft office.
  • Demonstrated ability to close a sale based on features and benefits versus price.
  • Target driven.
  • Working knowledge of Port-Harcourt and environs
  • Reliable mode of transportation to reach prospect locations.
  • Higher communication and analytical skills.
  • High integrity.
  • Persistence.
  • Ability to work in a team.
Please click here to fill a form and upload your CV.

Note: Submission Deadline is 25th March, 2014

Full time Blogger(Ibadan)

Job Description:

  • Write 5-6 daily blog posts about education related issues.
  • Search online and develop a data base of schools and educational institutions.
  • Relate the posts to the full range of solutions and products of the company.
  • Coordinate with social media handler to ensure coherence of corporate marketing strategies.


The Blogger may be the right fit if you: like and have a flair for writing, can express yourself elegantly in writing, have a history of exceeding performance goals, have high energy, can work unsupervised, and most importantly, a team player.

Specific requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Intermediate proficiency with Microsoft office.
  • Target driven.
  • Higher communication and analytical skills.
  • High integrity.
  • Persistence.
  • Ability to work in a team.
Please send your resumes with a cover letter to

Note: Submission Deadline is 30th April, 2014

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