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In Preparation for the Holidays

Holidays are not only exciting but are necessary pit stops for students. During these times, our children engage in fun activities other than school. However, it is also important that kids maintain certain learning activities even during non-school days. This is because children thrive on regular schedules and also will help them appreciate learning even more.

Introduce activities that are both fun and educational during these breaks. The Jumbo activity book under the Pinwheel Series is a good tool to use this coming holiday. Children will enjoy the coloring and learning activities there. This is part of the series of school books from First Veritas that are in line with the program of early childhood education in Nigeria.

The Acceptance of Educational Technology in Nigeria

Although some sectors have apprehensions over the implementation of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) curriculum, this decision of the government sends a signal that the system of education in Nigeria is willing to do what it takes in order to provide better services for its people. This is in recognition of the important role that education plays in nation building. With the incorporation of educational technology in the learning system, the students are trained to be better equipped for global competitiveness.

E-learning is a powerful method of gaining knowledge and offers a lot of advantages over the traditional method. It is not only interesting, it also is more responsive to the 21st century culture. Students are fascinated by the new innovation because it encourages interaction and it is real-time unlike the old method where learning is passive and the materials are monotonous and boring.

Common Mistakes That Most Writers Make

Every writer dreams of making a book that that is hard to put down. Engaging a reader this way is a sure fire example that your book is able to relate to your target reader really well. There is no hard and fast rule as to what is the best writing style. The key to good writing rests on the writer’s desire to be able to make a book that is “just right” for his reader.

You publish a book because you want to communicate a thought or idea. To be able to do this, your manuscript should be good, concise and interesting. The publishing company should also be able to create a strategy to whip up the interest of your target reader into buying a book. Most writers are very careful with the preciseness of their book but make a mistake in choosing the right publisher. This being said, carefully assess the capability of the publishers in Nigeria to know which publisher best fits your requirements.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Good Publisher

When you are ready to publish, you next dilemma is finding a good publisher. So how do you know if a publishing company is good? Of course one of the best the ways of finding out a publisher’s working ethics and capabilities is to ask for referrals from previous customers. Ask about their satisfaction level in dealing with the company in question. Satisfied customers will always have a good work for excellent service.

Publishers in Nigeria are aware that constant upgrading of their workforce’s skills as well as technology. Its staff should be updated with the latest techniques and printing modalities. This way, they are able to do their jobs with confidence.

How to Deal with Procrastination

Dealing With Procrastination In Children


As parents, we are sometimes faced with the dilemma of procrastination among our children. Preschoolers can sometimes exhibit indifference towards homework especially if it is too difficult or simply the books are too boring. We should be keen to observe this attitude so that it is addressed as early as possible.

If this happens, act immediately. Be patient with your child as you gently encourage him or her to do the homework. Assist without spoon-feeding, guiding your child through the activity until it is completed. Make the learning process as pleasant as possible while gently instilling in them the importance of learning and education.

School management should also be aware of this concern. To prevent this situation from happening to their preschoolers, they should use books that are colorful and interesting. An example of this is the Pinwheel series from First Veritas.

Arts & Crafts in the Nigerian School

Harnessing Your Child’s Creative Side


Arts and craft activities are one of the best ways that honing creativity in children. It is also an excellent avenue for self-expression as children. A child’s drawing or artwork almost always tells a story about her feelings towards the people and things around her. Also, lessons taught using create arts are always better understood by these little kids. That is why teaching kids is such an enjoyable profession. Education takes a brighter turn when dealing with young minds.

The Pinwheel Series of books is a good example of creative materials for kids. Its authors realize the importance of making exercises interesting to enhance the learning process of children. The topics are taught with creative exercises that are just right for the kids giving them the empowerment to do it themselves.

Cost of Publishing in Nigeria

Publishing cost may vary from one publisher to the other. This is because most publishers tailor fit their services to the exact need of their clients. What authors should keep in mind is that it is always best to study the proposals and compare it is with their own checklist of expectations. Cheaper doesn’t always mean the best. Consulting with other author-friends might give you ideas on which publishers in Nigeria to shortlist.

Projecting a certain image for your book is important. Find a publisher who can work around your concept or suggests improvements to make the output better. A good publisher can brainstorm with you on your concepts and ideas to produce a result that will not only suit your personal preferences but also address the need of your book to appeal to its readers.

The Problem with Understanding Mathematics

Developing A Child’s Number Competency


Teaching mathematics to little kids can be very exciting. Just like any other subjects, mathematics should be correlated to real life activities to make it more interesting to the kids. Unlike adults who can grasp abstract concepts, little kids respond well to visual stimulation. Books that are able to connect math concepts with everyday things and activities are the best tools a teacher can have. Along this line, First Veritas, a publishing company has even included colorful workbooks with their course books. This is to serve as an innovation to aid in the learning process of children and to dispel the idea that workbooks/exercise books have to be boring, hence should be in black and white.

Early childhood education plays a vital role in the total development of children. When at this early stage they will feel that number concepts are difficult, they will lose their interest in the subject and will have no confidence dealing with it later in formal school. On the other hand, when the basics are taught well and the process is fun, children will not be intimated by more complex mathematical principles in formal school. With education in Nigeria aiming for global competiveness, building a solid foundation in our children’s education is an indispensable step.

Do as I Do or Do As I Say?

Walking Your Talk


Nowhere can the saying “values are caught not taught” be truer than in dealing with children. Children are innately responsive to visual stimulation and have the penchant of following everything that adults do or say. Parents and preschool teachers alike should always remember that they can never teach a child something and not practice it themselves. Isn’t the nursery rhyme “monkey see, monkey do” a good reminder for this?


The Pinwheel Series of books includes Social Habits as well as Health education in their collection. These are excellent tools in teaching kids the value of good conduct as well as proper hygiene practices. But then, merely telling little kids to wash their hands properly is not as effective as showing them how to do it. Putting an application to the lesson makes learning easier. Where our little ones are concerned, education for empowerment means learning from good example.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Making The Right School Choices


Choosing the right school for our children is often confounding. There are so many things a parent needs to consider in order to find the right school. Although the curriculum and program of studies is standard through the country, schools largely differ on the teaching methods and strategies as well as school culture on teacher-student and teacher-parent relationships. There would also be differences in the quality of teaching depending on teacher qualifications and school books used.

With the system of education in Nigeria now focused towards aligning with the demands of 21st century education, the choice of textbooks for schoolchildren becomes more and more important. While school books in Nigeria are presently in line with internationally acceptable standards, it is prudent for parents to check the quality of the actual books used in a particular school. Education is empowerment hence everyone concerned should take part in giving the best possible education for our kids.