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Sales, Promotion and Distribution of Your Book

One of the most important considerations when publishing a book is distribution. A lot of authors fail to make money out of an otherwise excellent book because of a lousy marketing strategy and the incapacity of the publisher to effect wide distribution. When you want to publish a book, it is important not only to get it online but to use technology to maximize your reach.

When looking for publishers in Nigeria to handle your book distribution, see to it that they have a distribution strategy to share with you. Distribution media these days in Nigeria has gone beyond physical. Virtual distribution is now something to watch out for and consider. For instance, First Veritas, an educational content delivery company, has an e-distribution facility to over 1000 online retailers. This means that when you distribute through them, you in turn get distributed to over 1000 retailer.

Isn’t that amazing?!

How to Mitigate against Book Piracy in Nigeria

Finding Solution To Book Piracy in Nigeria

Book piracy is becoming a huge problem in Nigeria. It is destroying the thriving publishing industry by depriving legally operating publishers in Nigeria of their rightful claim to intellectual property rights. The repercussions do not stop there. If the government is unable to solve the problem, investors will be discouraged to put up businesses, which mean no government revenues as well.

In order to find a lasting solution to this problem, government leadership should be serious in implementing the law against piracy. On the other hand, educating people about upholding intellectual property rights as well making available reasonably priced original books may help mitigate the situation. Avenues for consulting and interacting with everyone concerned should also be opened. Unless and until this happens, one cannot expect the piracy problem to go away.

Bridging the Technology Gap

The evolution of education through the advancement in technology is a cause of concern for some parents and grandparents. This is because the innovation has emphasized the need for computer literacy which was obviously not the forte of the older generation. 21st century education in Nigeria is indeed way advanced in order to be at par with the global community.

So, how does one bridge this gap between the technologically inadept mums/dads/grandparents who want to help their wards with school work or homework?

First Veritas is an educational solutions and resource delivery company. Apart from self published school books which they produce, they also have a suite of educational software. These software products, even though are sophisticated and advanced, have easy-to-use interfaces. They were designed in such a way that even those who are not highly proficient with technology can use them easily. Hence, dads and mums or even grandpa and grandma should have no trouble assisting their little one with homework as they would be pleasantly surprised with how easily these gadgets could be manipulated.

The Well-Rounded Scholar

Who is a well rounded scholar? The Scholar who knows a little bit of everything or the scholar who knows a great deal about a few things?

Most people consider a student to be well rounded when he is not only excelling in academics but also in sports. I may agree up to a certain point only because being well-rounded is not only about academics and sports. Just merely being involved in several activities does not make a well-rounded student. One has to look at the individual’s level of commitment towards activities instead of just counting numbers. Commitment is an indicator of maturity and responsibility – traits that are necessary when pursuing higher education at the university.

We always say that education is empowerment. However we can only truly say that when we see our youth pursue worthwhile activities and grow up to be responsible citizens of the society. Hence, a good basic foundation in education is vital.

Along these lines comes the necessity of providing books that respond to this need. Books need to be produced to meet the needs of the consumers. Students go to school to gain knowledge. This knowledge has to be presented in ways that the student can easily grasp, understand and use. Publishers of educational books and materials, like 1stVeritas, need to be aware of this and be cognizant of it while producing materials for Nigeria’s future leaders.

When to Build A School Website

From research, a lot of schools in Nigeria do not have websites and this should not be so.

Having a school website has many advantages. This is one of the many tools that advancement in technology has brought which has offered a lot of convenience to the whole school community. Having a school website allows school officials to let the people know what their school has to offer and why they should enroll their children there.

A school website is also an avenue for the school to inform the students and parents of school activities. A well designed and managed school website also offers convenient enrollment systems, student record access and a lot of other services of innovation.

That being said, the question of when should a school build a website is moot and academic. A school who wants to stand out and optimize available technology should have a website. If you are a school and have not started on this, you are missing a lot of opportunities, not only for increasing enrollment but more so, for making people aware that you exist in the first place as an institute of education. Now, is the time to act!!!

The Good Old days and the Better New Days

It is not uncommon to hear snippets of “good old days” in conversations with the older generation. Features of the good old days include but are not limited to better political transparency, better standards of living, etc. Surely, one cannot help but reminisce about when times were easy and life was laid back.

But I have news for you.

In a little while, we can let go of the “good old days” and revel instead in the “better new days”, at least, as far as education is concerned.

Nigeria is moving to more challenging times in terms of modern technology and globalization. One of the advantages that modern times have brought to education is the innovation that publishers like First Veritas have incorporated in the learning materials

 Learning becomes more fun especially when the books are interactive. The modern learner is privileged to have easy access to relevant and updated information. A good example of these innovative books is those published by 1stVeritas such as the Pinwheel Series and the Smart Kids Series where the development of higher thinking skills is encouraged.

1stVeritas is not looking to re-enact the “good old days”, it is here to make these new days better. So here is a toast to “better new days”

Preparing Your Child for Boarding School

So mini-you is about to venture out into the real world- a la boarding school? Congratulations, your child has now come of age! Let’s muse over this while munching on the following chunks of kola nuts of knowledge:

Sending your child to a boarding school is a huge decision. Although boarding school may be exciting and will offer a new experience for your child, there are so many things that need to be considered. From the very start, it should be clear to your child why you parents are sending him or her to a boarding school instead of just enrolling in a day institution.

Before sending your child to boarding school make sure that that he or she is emotionally matured to deal with different kinds of people and has developed the discipline and independent attitude. If the stories about boarding houses in Nigeria are anything to go by, it is very imperative to instill in your child that he/she will come in contact with several people of varied temperaments. He/She will also need to know that boarding house experience is another form of education, albeit “un-academic”.

It is also important that your child recognizes and submits to authority.  We need to understand that boarding school is away from home and an ill-prepared student will have a tough time adjusting to the new environment.

That said, as a parent; don’t pass up the opportunity to visit your ward in boarding school from time to time. And while you are at it, remember that boarding house students ALWAYS need milk, milo, cornflakes etc

Hello Board Games : Scrabble

Saying Hello To Word Power Through Scrabble

Which words can you form with these letters? EPARXTS

par, tax, taxes, axe, axes, rape, pear, rate, ate, eat, tea, are, art, arts, tar, rat, rats, sap, sat, sate ……..

Repeat after me; “Education doesnt have to be boring!”

If you want your child to develop a wide vocabulary, teach your kid how to play scrabble. Not only is playing scrabble a lot of fun, it will also teach your child to form new words and to observe correct spelling. Children who play scrabble also show better memory and critical thinking skills. When you are teaching your child Scrabble just make sure to make it entertaining so that they do not get bored.

Scrabble is a great way of teaching your child how to use the dictionary and be mindful of phonetics. Playing Scrabble also develops a child’s critical thinking skills as they try to find words that not only would connect to existing ones but would also score high. And as with any game where there are winners and losers, playing Scrabble can help your child appreciate the value of sportsmanship.

So essentially, Scrabble is a great all-in-one game to play with your children (age irrespective). They learn how to count, follow instructions, use the dictionary, form words and improve their vocabulary all at once. Did I hear you say “Triple Word Score”?

Hello Board Games: Chess

Chess is a fascinating game that teaches a lot of lessons in life. Studies show that children regularly playing chess score better in school than those who do not. Although chess may not directly affect the improvement of language skills or number concepts, the lessons learned in chess are life skills that are necessary for a well-rounded development of a child.

For one, chess teaches young children discipline. It teaches them to have a good plan before making any move. This means that children are taught that every action has its consequences whether good or bad.  Kids learn to be responsible for their actions and to make wise decisions if they want to reach their goal. Life is like that and if kids learn this early in life then they have better empowerment for achieving success.

Moreover, someone once told me that chess is a game for champions. With that, I guess it is a win-win situation; you child learns discipline from playing chess and also becomes a champion in the making.

Hello Board Games: Ludo

The Benefits Of Playing Ludo


If you want to introduce your child to number concepts in an enjoyable manner, try teaching him or her Ludo. This board game is an effective tool to develop your child’s numeracy skills and positional language. Ludo is also ideal to reinforce the concepts of counting, colors, and shapes that the child may have previously learned. Children also develop creative ways of solving problems because of the different shapes in the board that they have to try.

It is a fairly easy game and is enjoyable for kids.  And just like any other game, the benefits of playing Ludo go beyond learning math concepts. It teaches good sportsmanship, the value taking turns, sharing, and instills the spirit of competitiveness in a proper way.

So next time you have some time to spare, bring out the Ludo and turn your little one into a genius…..Thank us later! Like we always say, education doesnt have to be boring all the time.