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Tips for Working Mom 101

The following tips are for you. They may not solve all your problems but I am sure it can help. Here goes…

  1. Make your home a place for everything and everything in its place.
  2. Prepare the things you need for the next day the night before such as your and your child’s clothes.
  3. Search the internet for easy to prepare nutritious meals.
  4. Prepare your meals for the whole week on a weekend and label them accordingly. Invest in a good microwave oven to heat your meals.
  5. Get the cooperation of the whole family regarding school activities but be sure to attend the important ones.
  6. Do your best at work. You need your job to support your family.
  7. Make a system for doing household chores.
  8. Give your children minor responsibilities such as fixing their bed or putting their toys in place.
  9. Do not forget to have time for your spouse.
  10. Put love in everything that you do.

The role of a working mother is tough. But with careful planning and organizing, it wouldn’t be as difficult as you think.

How to Register First Veritas Question Bank CD

After installing First Veritas Question Bank CD on a computer, there is a registration prompt.

If you are connected to Internet:

Please select Registration Method as “Internet”

The prompt requests for a 16 digit CD key (which is provided along with purchase of First Veritas Question Bank CD) as well as your name.  After registration, the Question Bank is ready for use.


If you are not connected to Internet:

Please select Registration method as “SMS” and follow the below mentioned Steps:

Step 1: Enter CD Key (provided along with purchase of First Veritas Question Bank CD)

Step 2: Enter name

Step 3: Enter your personal email address

Step 4: Click on generate SMS

Step 5: Copy the code mentioned in “Send to Number box and send SMS to +2348104039756” (Refer to picture above)

Step 6: You will receive an SMS back from 1stveritas team, which you need to enter in the “Registration code” Box and click on register


You can select the Subject, Year and Number of Questions you want to answer at every time. After this, you can choose to do the “Revision Test” which tells you the correct answer for each test question, “Practice Test” which gives a score at the end of each test or “Exam” which allows you to time yourself and gives a score at the end of the test.

The Question Bank also features Study Tips as well as Usage Guide

The Social Responsibility Of Publishers

Books are our windows to the world. They are a vital part of education in all levels. They introduce learning to students and will greatly influence a student’s attitude towards learning. This being said, publishers in Nigeria have the responsibility of providing the best tools for the students. It goes beyond just getting a book published for profit, it is a call for social consciousness to help uplift the state of the nation’s educational system.

First Veritas and other publishing companies should work hand in hand with the government to meet the demands of new learning modalities. It is only when a concerted effort among the stakeholders is achieved that true progress in education can be attained. Our students are a reflection of the nation’s commitment towards education.

Basic Internet Etiquette for Students

Basic Internet Tips For Secondary School Students


Advancement in technology has brought us a new era in the lives of our secondary school students. Nonetheless, it requires monitoring and some basic tips to keep in mind to ensure responsible and safer online use.

  1. Remember that nothing is private in the internet even if it is called “private”.
  2. Teen life is exciting but be sure not to post embarrassing, compromising or cruel posts.
  3. Never disclose sensitive information such as your address.
  4. Be a good citizen of the World Wide Web.
  5. Observe prudence in downloading materials.
  6. Practice critical thinking. Always ask if the site is reputable.
  7. Think of the Golden Rule. This is true in the online world as well.
  8. Do not go to dubious sites. There may be some dangers lurking around.
  9. Always tell your parents if anything creepy happens.
  10. Do not forget that it is always better to be safe than to be sorry later.

Remember that what you post establishes your reputation.

Public Relation Tips for School Administrators

A school administrator’s job may sometimes necessitate dealing with the community.  Here are some public relation tips.

  1. Be sure to return phone calls. That is basic communication skills.
  2. Broadcast your school activities. The community (parents especially) will appreciate if you take time to let them know what is going on.
  3. Build a good relationship with media. They can give valuable support to school causes.
  4. In crisis? Communicate! Be prepared to talk about a school crisis publicly and immediately.
  5. Publish a regular newsletter.
  6. Appear on local TV shows to promote school programs and activities.
  7. Take advantage of technology. Create a school website.
  8. Put up a marquee in front of the school. This is a good way of letting people know what’s going on inside the campus.
  9. Think of activities that will encourage the community to visit your school. An example would be staging a play.
  10. Make your students happy. They are your front liners and would provide the best advertisement for your school.

Fostering good relationships in the community is vital to a schools success.