5 Educational Needs of a Nigerian Pre-Schooler

Developing Our Children Through Multi-Skill Approach


Teaching preschoolers can be both challenging and enjoyable. There are just so many possibilities. An author once said that a kid’s potential is limitless. Oftentimes we hamper their development because we assume that they cannot learn certain things simply because they are kids. Today, studies have shown that the better approach to reaching small children is through multi-skill approach. More and more people are now open to the concept of multiple intelligences. When a child is trained in different skills, it opens doors for better opportunities later in life. Choosing a career or profession will not be as difficult because a good foundation was built.

Multi-skill learning is the best approach to early childhood education. It not only hones a child in a certain discipline but rather it is aimed at giving a child a head start by developing his or her  motor, social, cognitive, communicative and social skills. Today, pre-primary school books in Nigeria are more responsive to this need. Books like the Pinwheel Series are learning materials encompassing all the learning essentials of a preschooler. With innovation brought into the educational tools, learning becomes fun and children benefit from it.