Pinwheel Social Habits for Pre-Primary Coursebook 1

First Veritas Social Habits for Pre-Primary book 1 is part of the Pinwheel Series designed to teach children the rules of living in a society. It consists of a course book and multimedia support. Since there is no syllabus regulating body for pre-primary school, pre-primary school books in Nigeria today are written to be responsive to the learning needs of early childhood education.

Pinwheel Social Habit 1

Pinwheel Social Habit 1

The Table of Content includes, amongst others:

  • Meeting the Well-mannered Children
  • Manners in School
  • Manners at Home
  • Respecting Elders
  • Dealing With Emotions


1stVeritas’ Pinwheel series books are  extra-curricula in nature. Several curricula were examined globally and the strengths of all the curricula were combined into the Pinwheel Series. They are carefully and expertly written to ensure that kids raise their level of attention by not reading at the book, but interacting with it.




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