Education in Nigeria: Then, Now, the Future

Just like any developing country, the education system of Nigeria has its fair share of challenges. History says that the strong system of formal education introduced by the early Europeans have deteriorated since the British colony ceased control over the country. But the country has risen up to the challenges of modern day education. Cognizant of the fact that education is the cornerstone of a nation’s development, the Nigerian government has now implemented standards that are meant to serve as empowerment to its citizens through education.

Today, school books are created to meet the demands of 21st century learning. The traditional textbooks have now shifted to leaning materials that are products of innovation. Curricula are now more responsive to the modern learner’s needs.

The future is bright for Nigeria’s education system. The advent of technology has brought some much change for the better. One can now envision a learning system that employs eBooks instead of the traditional textbooks and  students are now better equipped to compete globally.