Education Starts from the Basics


The Relevance Of A Solid Basic Education


Basic education needs a solid foundation. It adheres to the basic principle of construction – the deeper your foundation is, the higher your structure can go. When a nation envisions seeing its children blossom into responsible and respectable citizens, it has to train its sight on the relevance of its early childhood education program. Young minds have great potentials wanting to be discovered. Education’s role is to harness these potentials to allow possibilities to become realities.

Nursery and pre-primary books should be created to respond to the unique learning requirements of little children. They should not only be mentally stimulating but fun as well. Children learn through play so their books should be enjoyable and engaging.  Educational organizations should make it a point to create their learning materials to cater to these exceptional needs.  Books like the Pinwheel Series and Smart Kids Series are examples of innovation at work for better education solutions.