First Veritas, First Truth

Are Your Children Getting The Right Tutelage?

Education, as a form of learning, is a powerful tool in changing the course of a person’s life, transforming his community and impacting its values. Because of its powerful influence in life and culture, it is imperative for national leaders to ensure that the right form of education is provided its citizenry.

Children are the most susceptible victims of a faulty education system. What they learn forms part of what they can become when they grow to be adults. That is why truthful tutelage is very important. The literal interpretation of “First Veritas“, which is “First Truth”, could not be more apt than in this case. If we wish to train up our children to become responsible citizens in the future, is a must that we provide them with valuable education. Books should be responsive to the need for learning in order to encourage reading. Publishing firms like 1st Veritas, who produces excellent quality books, should be recognized by the government to encouraged continued adherence to the standards.

The Evolution of Education in Nigeria

Making Positive Changes In Nigerian Education

Education is a recognized tool for a country’s economic success. When its people are able to communicate well and understand the business transactions, economy grows.

From its indigenous form during the preliterate era to its Islamic trainings, education in Nigeria has successfully evolved into its modern form now. And with government overseeing its implementation to ensure quality control, its education system now boasts of primary up to tertiary levels.

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Although much has improved, advancement in modern technology has opened a new dimension for learning. Stakeholders like First Veritas, who aim to drive positive change in Nigeria’s learning environment, has come up with educational tool and modalities that are geared to maximize not only the learning potential of the students but also teachers’ competencies and management techniques.