Promoting Pre-Primary Education in Nigeria

The Importance of Pre-Primary Education


Early childhood education is vital so that young children are equipped when they attend formal education later. This type of education is recognized by many societies and governments. Most countries have their own policies on education which simply means that they recognize the role of education in nation building.

Education systems should be in tuned with the needs of the times.  The advancement in technology has brought so many changes in the educational system. As the world gets increasingly connected, the need for education to develop students for global competitiveness comes to the fore. This task begins even before a child start formal education.  Hence the need to come up with an effective early childhood education system is important.

Developing countries have accepted the challenge of uplifting their education systems to meet internationally acceptable standards. School books in Nigeria are presently created to cater to this need. With innovations incorporated by educational in these learning tools, kids are now better equipped to meet the challenges of formal education.