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A man had one of those discussions with his pre-teen daughter. He kicked things off by asking her if she was involved in any extra-curricular activities in school. She replied that she was and went on to explain that she was interested in the sprints and jumps. The jumps include high jump, long jump, and triple jump. Apparently, she had discovered that she had strong legs and was good at those activities. However, she further went on to say to her father that she stopped participating because some senior year students were always making fun of participants. The mocking wasn’t a personal thing against her, but it affected her badly enough to make her withdraw.

The father saw an opportunity to teach his little girl one of life’s important lessons. So, he dived into his own history and narrated to her how at different stages of his own life, he had been ridiculed and discouraged by others. He told her how he had chosen not to give up at each of those times.

“In life, there will always be people who will make fun of you and ridicule whatever you do,”she told her as they walked down the quiet street. “You have to make up your mind that you will not let others discourage you from achieving your goals.” The father went on to point out why people often resort to mocking and ridiculing of others:

  • sometimes, they are just plain jealous that you are better at a task than they are
  • sometimes, they have personal issues that makes them feel better about their own lives when they mock others

He went on to say to her: “What people say in mockery is no reflection of who you are or what you can achieve. It is a reflection of who they are and their values. If you want to do something and achieve greatness at it, you have to learn to ignore those who mock you”

Pick up that new book and read. Learn that new language. Polish your diction and refine your poise. Learn that new skill and go excel. Keep learning and keep achieving, regardless of how hard anyone tries to discourage you.



Being custodians of our children’s education, teachers play a very vital role in the society. From the creche all the way up to higher institutions, teachers are at the core of the education of our children. This is why the subject of training , evaluation and re-training should be taken as a serious one.

It will not do to have teachers whose spoken and written English are below standard. That would be very counter-productive, as students will end up learning the wrong things. That is why the training of teachers should be a priority, and not an after-thought.

It does not help either that many people who end up studying education at the higher institution level do so as a last resort. Unable to secure admission for the courses that they are really interested in, they settle for Education because of lower cut-off marks and easier entry requirements. Perhaps something is wrong with such a system? We end up with teachers who are not particularly wanting to teach in the first place, but are teachers by reason of circumstances.

That is bad enough already. Consider also that many of them are unable to put a flawless sentence together in English, and the issues quickly get compounded. We also live in a world where things change fast. As such, the need for evaluations and re-training as often as possible. The idea is to spot individuals who need to be chucked out f the system, as well as individuals who can get better with some more training.

If anything, Nigeria needs a much stronger educational system, and not one in which any and every one can walk in to teach. Things are already bad as they are. Implementing strong evaluation and re-training processes into the system can only be a good thing. Otherwise, we can say goodbye to any hopes of things getting better. Without sound teachers, there can be no such hope.

The Dearth of Reading

A teenager celebrated her birthday recently and her favourite aunt gave her an attractively wrapped gift. She closed her eyes, held her breath and opened the pack with great excitement, only for her face to drop in shock and disappointment when she saw that it was ‘just a book’.

There’s been a lot of talk about the decline of the reading culture and how books have ‘lost value’.  And one wonders if there is any truth to the claim that people seldom read except for academic purposes. Is it really true that people don’t read anything aside textbooks/school books, which are considered a necessary evil?

Was this the case years ago? One could remember how fashionable it was to read novels in a not so distant past. Teenagers exchanged novels back then, and one was proud to write about the books one had read to pen pals.  Then, young people were proud to belong to book clubs. Book Clubs? It now sounds like something from a fairy tale. Night clubs? Yeah, that sounds more familiar. And fun too.

So, why have books lost their allure? Could it be that there are no more interesting books? Do people have other things that interest them aside books? Have technology advancements become better seducers than books? Nowadays, people would rather spend time on social media and play games on their phones than read a good book.

Perhaps, one way to bring students back to books is to make even educational books less boring. First Veritas titles, from pre-primary school books to secondary books, are well rounded, curriculum-compliant and very engaging. This reduces the apathy of users to reading by a considerable margin.

So, if you were that girl who received a book as birthday gift, what would be your reaction? Enthusiasm or displeasure?

Write Right

Ever heard of doctors’ special handwriting? You know, the one you cannot read except you take the prescription to the pharmacy, and even then, the Pharmacist has to secure the services of a graphologist?  Well, it’s been discovered that it’s a myth.

The doctors whose writing you can’t read are doctors who don’t have good handwriting. Simple! Unfortunately, doctors’ illegible handwriting has been said to cause a lot of deaths. This is because many patients end up buying the wrong drugs as the pharmacists sometimes pretend to understand so as not to look incompetent.

Likewise, a lot of students fail tests or examinations because of bad handwriting. Especially in education in Nigeria where most quizzes/tests/exams are handwritten, the importance of this cannot be overstated. When a student’s writing is so illegible that the examiner cannot read it, the paper cannot be properly graded. Have you been in a class where the teacher calls a student with a good writing to always write the notes on the board? Well, nobody wants to stare at bad handwriting all day long anyway.

Handwriting is a basic tool used in our everyday activities like taking notes, writing diaries, etc. Even with the computer age, we still need to write things down every now and then. While some people in different works of life can somehow wing the need to be bothered with handwriting, for students in Nigeria, it is non-negotiable. Handwriting is needed for writing notes, homework, tests and examinations.

We have some good news though. No hope is lost for the “illegible handwriter”. Handwriting can be improved upon at any stage in life if one is determined enough. A lot of patience and practice is required. Getting helpful materials and resources will go a long way.  First Veritas for instance, has handwriting practice books at 2 levels. There is even one for Cursive Handwriting.First Veritas  Cursive Handwriting

Cop your copy today.

Tips for Working Mom 101

The following tips are for you. They may not solve all your problems but I am sure it can help. Here goes…

  1. Make your home a place for everything and everything in its place.
  2. Prepare the things you need for the next day the night before such as your and your child’s clothes.
  3. Search the internet for easy to prepare nutritious meals.
  4. Prepare your meals for the whole week on a weekend and label them accordingly. Invest in a good microwave oven to heat your meals.
  5. Get the cooperation of the whole family regarding school activities but be sure to attend the important ones.
  6. Do your best at work. You need your job to support your family.
  7. Make a system for doing household chores.
  8. Give your children minor responsibilities such as fixing their bed or putting their toys in place.
  9. Do not forget to have time for your spouse.
  10. Put love in everything that you do.

The role of a working mother is tough. But with careful planning and organizing, it wouldn’t be as difficult as you think.

The Social Responsibility Of Publishers

Books are our windows to the world. They are a vital part of education in all levels. They introduce learning to students and will greatly influence a student’s attitude towards learning. This being said, publishers in Nigeria have the responsibility of providing the best tools for the students. It goes beyond just getting a book published for profit, it is a call for social consciousness to help uplift the state of the nation’s educational system.

First Veritas and other publishing companies should work hand in hand with the government to meet the demands of new learning modalities. It is only when a concerted effort among the stakeholders is achieved that true progress in education can be attained. Our students are a reflection of the nation’s commitment towards education.

10 Advantages of E-Distribution

E-distribution is fast becoming the trend in product distribution. This is because the system offers several advantages that the traditional method does not.

Here goes…

  1. Online distribution is accessible to a lot more customers
  2. Purchase orders are easily acted upon
  3. The manufacturer  or producer has direct communication with the buyer
  4. Distribution cost is lower
  5. Possible shortages and the need for lead times are eliminated
  6. Lesser need for manpower
  7. Payment system is efficient
  8. Total overhead cost is greatly reduced
  9. Market reach is vast and extensive
  10. Generally bigger profit

The major factor that makes online distribution attractive is its direct nature. Middlemen are eliminated and buyers are assured that they are dealing with genuine producers and manufacturers. First Veritas has an e-distribution service where your books can be distributed to over 1000 online retailers.

First Veritas Question Bank

Making Nigerians Truly Globally Competitive


A step towards making Nigerians truly globally competitive is being introduced by First Veritas, a leader in educational publication. With the use of educational technology, it has come up with a self-help tool designed to help students preparing for final secondary school examinations. The system is called Question Bank, a compendium of WAEC examinations in all major subjects for the past 23 years, presented in CD form and compatible with any computer.

In order to give students ample preparation and to familiarize with the examination questions, the Question Bank operates in three modes: Practice mode, Revision mode and Examination mode.

In the practice mode, a student can chose a set of questions on any subject and test his knowledge accordingly. This is especially useful because students are able to study the questions at his or her own pace allowing for thorough comprehension. The revision mode allows the learner to get instant feedback on the answers that he or she has provided allowing for correction until the correct answer is provided.

When the student feels more confident with the test, he or she can opt for the examination mode and get a taste of how the actual examination is like. In this level, a student takes a simulated exam with the same number of questions and time allocation as the actual WAEC exam. The test is immediately marked and graded.

The Nigerian dilemma of high failure rate in terminal examinations among students has now found a solution. With the help of this Question Bank, students are expected to be better equipped and to perform better in the WAEC exams. Giving the students the best preparation is empowering them for a better future.

The importance of education to nation building may have become a cliché. But isn’t it the truth?

How to Encourage Students to be Learning Ready

Pursuing Education For The Love Of Learning


I remember watching a movie entitled The Three Idiots several years back. The story line was light comedy but the message is profound – the importance of pursuing education for the love of learning. One of the greatest mistakes that adults can do is to not cultivate the love of learning in children. While it is true that children go to school to be educated, the motions can become mechanical and children become passive learners dependent on what the teachers feed them. On the other hand, children who develop a genuine love for learning will be forever curious, eager to learn, and will take on activities that challenges the mind.

One of the best ways of developing thirst for learning is letting children explore possible solutions or answers to questions. Instead of a teacher giving the correct or absolute answer to a problem, guiding the class in a healthy discussion over the options encourages the students to engage their minds. Making students speak their minds is empowerment in the simplest sense and is a very powerful skill that they can use later in life.

Another way is optimizing the use of technology in student learning. This allows the students be competent in modern methods and prepares them for global competitiveness. Schools should provide avenues for this kind of learning as well as tools and materials. Supporting publishers (such as First Veritas) to come up with teaching tools that are updated and relevant is a big step towards attaining this vision.

Empowering Nigerian Teachers

Any government who wants to improve its education services should put premium importance to teacher empowerment. Teachers are the front liners in education; they are the ones who have direct influence on our children’s learning and character formation.

As it is true the world over, Nigerian teachers should also be empowered through appropriate training as well as making available to them reaching tools that are relevant to modern learning. A good teacher can maximize the full development of a child’s potential when he or she is well equipped not only with knowledge and teaching techniques but also with the technology that comes with it. As the world becomes increasingly connected and global competitiveness becomes more apparent, teachers should be prepared to give the best to their students.

It is in this vein that First Veritas organizes seminars and workshops to train teachers on new innovation, skills etc.