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A bedtime story is a traditional form of storytelling, where a story is told to a child at bedtime to prepare the child for sleep. Bedtime stories can be read from a book, or may be made up. The stories tend to be short, with a happy ending.bedtimestories_1356045c

Bedtime stories have many advantages for both adults and children. We will focus on the benefits to the child.

  • sharing a bedtime story with a child builds their vocabulary
  • sharing a bedtime story with a child helps the child to love reading
  • sharing a bedtime story with a child promotes their motor skills, through learning to turn the pages
  • sharing a bedtime story with a child helps improve the child’s memory
  • sharing a bedtime story with a child  reduces the child’s stress levels and can help with better sleep
  • sharing bedtime stories with a child builds a greater bond between parent and child

Telling bedtime stories may not be a popular way of life here, and especially in today’s fast-paced work setting. However, perhaps a parent can fix a day or two a week – possibly weekends – when they can read or tell stories to their children.

There are popular folk tales, as well as stories from other cultures, that almost any child will love and enjoy. Many children stories can be sourced online and from books. First Veritas has a range of story books that you might want to have a look at. The very nice thing about children and stories is that should they like a story, they want to hear it again and again, so there is no pressure to come up with something new each night..

Do you tell your child bedtime stories? Did you get told bedtime stories when you were younger? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

How To Make Your Child Appreciate Reading

Getting a child interested in reading needs creativity. You just can give a child a book and expect him or her to like it immediately. Parents should be the first ones to motivate their children to appreciate reading. Showing the child that you love reading too is one good way of motivating. Give your kid books that are just right for his or her level of understanding. For little children, make sure that the books are interesting and colorful such as that in the Pinwheel Series.

School Books in Nigeria should not only focus rote learning. Even bigger pupils will appreciate if their primary school books are engaging as well. Putting colorful pictures relevant to the subject matter is one way sustaining a student’s interest in reading. When a child gets into the habit of reading, learning will be more enjoyable and he or she will develop the love for advance studies by making his own research.

Why Learning To Write Is More Fun With First Veritas Pinwheel Writing

Teaching small children the rudiments of writing require more than just the ability to teach. Understanding a child’s special needs like the development of fine motor skills can help to prepare a child for writing. We should remember that what seems simple for an adult, like holding a pen properly, may be a big challenge for children. Pushing them to do something they simply are not yet capable of will cause unnecessary anxiety.

Teachers should possess not only an infinite dose of patience and consideration but also the wisdom to know when to put a little prodding for maximum positive effect. Aside from that, having the right teaching tools such as the Pinwheel series from 1st Veritas is essential.

Pre-primary school books in Nigeria today are more responsive to the learning needs of early childhood education. These tools are designed to best prepare young minds for smooth transition to formal education. The publisher First Veritas is an educational organization that provides innovative tools for the 21st century.

Brain Food and Exercise

Exercising the brain is vital. Just like our bodies, our brains can benefit from training. Muscles atrophy when not in use, so does our brain. Anything stagnant rusts, and brains just like machines need to be oiled from time to time. Children benefit from brain exercises. Games or riddles that make them think and analyze can help develop a higher level of cerebral activity. Early childhood education should include interesting activities that engages the minds of little children.

Books like the Pinwheel Series are designed for this purpose. It features the Child Challenger concept, a learning tool innovation that promotes higher order thinking skills. Children exposed to board games, puzzles, or other mind games are said to develop better analytical skills and logical thinking. Do not be afraid to challenge your child’s brain. Remember that a child’s potential is limitless. It is the adults’ responsibility to develop it to its full potential.

Helping Your Child with Homework

Helping children do their homework can be tricky. Here, the delicate line of helping and spoon-feeding should always be observed. Oftentimes, parents end up doing the home work themselves because they are unable to deal with their child’s tantrums or seeming laziness. Doing this can do your child more harm than good. Instead of motivating them to study, children become more and more dependent on outside help like parents or tutors. When this happens, we are defeating the purpose of education for empowerment.


Parents need to see to it that children develop study habits as early as possible. Giving them exercises that fit their level of thinking is a good way of encouraging them to answer the questions on their own. Finding learning tools that are neither too difficult nor too easy for them is very important for confidence building. An example of books that are just right for preschoolers is the Pinwheel Series. They are curriculum compliant and are written to maximize learning.

In Preparation for the Holidays

Holidays are not only exciting but are necessary pit stops for students. During these times, our children engage in fun activities other than school. However, it is also important that kids maintain certain learning activities even during non-school days. This is because children thrive on regular schedules and also will help them appreciate learning even more.

Introduce activities that are both fun and educational during these breaks. The Jumbo activity book under the Pinwheel Series is a good tool to use this coming holiday. Children will enjoy the coloring and learning activities there. This is part of the series of school books from First Veritas that are in line with the program of early childhood education in Nigeria.

Arts & Crafts in the Nigerian School

Harnessing Your Child’s Creative Side


Arts and craft activities are one of the best ways that honing creativity in children. It is also an excellent avenue for self-expression as children. A child’s drawing or artwork almost always tells a story about her feelings towards the people and things around her. Also, lessons taught using create arts are always better understood by these little kids. That is why teaching kids is such an enjoyable profession. Education takes a brighter turn when dealing with young minds.

The Pinwheel Series of books is a good example of creative materials for kids. Its authors realize the importance of making exercises interesting to enhance the learning process of children. The topics are taught with creative exercises that are just right for the kids giving them the empowerment to do it themselves.

Do as I Do or Do As I Say?

Walking Your Talk


Nowhere can the saying “values are caught not taught” be truer than in dealing with children. Children are innately responsive to visual stimulation and have the penchant of following everything that adults do or say. Parents and preschool teachers alike should always remember that they can never teach a child something and not practice it themselves. Isn’t the nursery rhyme “monkey see, monkey do” a good reminder for this?


The Pinwheel Series of books includes Social Habits as well as Health education in their collection. These are excellent tools in teaching kids the value of good conduct as well as proper hygiene practices. But then, merely telling little kids to wash their hands properly is not as effective as showing them how to do it. Putting an application to the lesson makes learning easier. Where our little ones are concerned, education for empowerment means learning from good example.

When to Commence Training a Child

Proper social habits should be taught as early as possible. Simple rules in the house as well as family interactions are examples of social habits that a child may learn even without an adult telling him or her so. Small children emulate what they see around them. If adults at home are not careful, then we could almost expect their children developing unacceptable manners or conduct.

Preschool is oftentimes the first exposure of children outside their home. During this time, kids learn how to interact with other children and learn the rules of living in a community. Books showing pictures of responsible citizens and of people helping in the community will make the lessons relevant to young minds. For instance, the Pinwheel Series introduces multimedia support as an innovation to make the learning process more interesting and real to the kids. Education for empowerment becomes more meaningful when we raise children to become responsible and contributing citizens of the society.

Ideas for the Nigerian Teacher

Top Tips for Teaching Pupils Pre-Primary In Nigeria


Teachers in pre-primary schools are taking on a huge responsibility. For these selfless professionals, teaching little kids does not only take place in the classrooms. They actually begin in the teacher’s study as he or she painstakingly think of creative ways to stimulate these young minds so they can appreciate the lessons being presented. In Nigeria, the challenge becomes more pronounced as the government takes action in uplifting the system of education in Nigeria.

Preschool teachers trained in early childhood education know that children learn best when they are having fun. Hence, it is very important that teachers molding these young minds are able to come up with activities that impart the lessons in the most enjoyable manner.  Here, the necessity of excellent teaching materials becomes apparent. Books like the Pinwheel Series of First Veritas Publishing can help the teachers make their lessons meaningful to the students.