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What Did You Write?

The Importance Of Good Penmanship


Many do not realize the importance of developing legible writing in children. Correct writing skills starts with knowing the right way of holding a pencil. This way, the process of writing is easier and less cumbersome. Children and parents need to realize that a clean and legible writing makes it easier for both teacher and student to decipher the words spelled out. When the penmanship is scrawled and messy, it could be read as something else or worse, marked as wrong simply because it cannot be read.

At preschool, books should be provided for developing proper handwriting skills.  First Veritas has publications like the Pinwheel and the SmartKids books that have sections dedicated specifically for this purpose. The publishers understand that in order to make education relevant, it has to cover every significant skill that a child needs to develop.

Smart Kids Handwriting 1

Smart Kids Handwriting 1

Smart Kids Handwriting 2

Smart Kids Handwriting 2

Pinwheel Writing Workbook 1

Pinwheel Writing Workbook 1

Pinwheel Writing Workbook 2

Pinwheel Writing Workbook 2

Brain Teasers for Your Pleasure

Brain Teasers For Your Child’s Learning Pleasure


Brain teasers are fun ways of making small children learn higher thinking skills. The Pinwheel series from First Veritas has incorporated the child challenger concept to enhance the children’s thinking skills. Early childhood education understands that children learn best when they are playing games. Here are a few examples of brain teasers for your children to enjoy.


Big Bears


Joy has 4 toy bears.

  • The biggest bear is brown.
  • Her smallest bear is yellow.
  • The red bear is bigger than the green bear.

What color is each bear?

Color the bears.


Train on the Track


There are 5 cars in the train at the big fun park.

  • The man is in the first car. That car is black.
  • The third car is yellow.
  • The car just before the yellow car is red.
  • The fifth car is green. It is just after the blue car.

What color is each car?

Color the cars to match the clues.


How to Deal with Procrastination

Dealing With Procrastination In Children


As parents, we are sometimes faced with the dilemma of procrastination among our children. Preschoolers can sometimes exhibit indifference towards homework especially if it is too difficult or simply the books are too boring. We should be keen to observe this attitude so that it is addressed as early as possible.

If this happens, act immediately. Be patient with your child as you gently encourage him or her to do the homework. Assist without spoon-feeding, guiding your child through the activity until it is completed. Make the learning process as pleasant as possible while gently instilling in them the importance of learning and education.

School management should also be aware of this concern. To prevent this situation from happening to their preschoolers, they should use books that are colorful and interesting. An example of this is the Pinwheel series from First Veritas.

How to Develop a Pre-School Curriculum

Making Pre-School Curriculum Relevant


A child’s learning needs are special. During these tender years more emphasis should be placed on the total development of the child. This being said, pre-school curriculum should not be only about cognitive learning. Child education experts worldwide agree that the best approach to early childhood education in order to attain powerful and positive results is the multi-skill method. This means that school books should not only cater to intellectual development. Equally important areas for development are creative, social, communication, and motor skills.

Children absorb more through play rather than rote learning. Hence it is important that books are created to make the learning process interesting and fun for small children. Colorful pictures and drawings are one of the best ways to achieve this. The Pinwheel series for instance has featured innovations like sing along CDs to make learning rhymes easy and enjoyable.

The Litany of The Nigerian Pre-Schooler

I love reading books. I like the colorful ones best because they show pictures of different things. My mom bought me a big book as my birthday present last year. It has pictures of animals and flowers and things I see around the house. My mom told me that when I go to school, I will have plenty of books to read. I was excited!

Yesterday was my first day of school. When teacher gave us our school books I was surprised – all letters and no colorful pictures! They look like big people’s books, only with bigger prints. I was not excited anymore. I felt sleepy when teacher was reading it with us.

We had visitors when I got home from school. My mummy’s sister’s daughter, my cousin, Gloria, was excited to show me her books. She is a preschooler in another school. Her books were lovely! They had beautiful and colorful drawings and I could even see mascots and sing along CDs. My aunt said they were Pinwheel books. She mentioned something about colorful books being important to children’s education.

Now I am really sad. I wish my books were as beautiful as my cousin’s. Maybe I should throw a tantrum to change to Gloria’s school.