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New PictureComprehension is the ability to understand and interprete what is being read. It is an important skill in the educational process. Why do we say so? Many of the challenges and problems that students are required to solve in life require a good deal of comprehension. If a child is unable to understand a question, how will he or she provide an accurate answer?

Problem solving often requires:

  • understanding the question or what has been stated is the problem
  • being able to connect the question or problem with other knowledge already acquired
  • being able to critically work out the solution

Have you ever made a statement or asked a question, and someone provides a response that does not fit in? In all probability, that individual did not understand the question. There was a problem comprehending your question or statement.

Failure does not always arise from a lack of knowledge or skill in the specific subject, but from poor comprehension skills. Some students fail physics not because they do not understand physics, but because they lack comprehension skills. Same goes for other subjects. Years later, as adults, they will require this same comprehension in whatever field they may embrace as a vocation.

This is why we must not only teach English as a language, but also promote a reading culture. Note that by reading culture, we include the use of dictionaries and other reference material.

Here are a few pointers:

  • we must make our children read and ask questions for the purpose of developing comprehension skills
  • materials to read: good story books and novels (both fiction and non-fiction); newspapers (though some of these have fallen behind in recent times); and magazines
  • a good dictionary should be available to children
  • if internet access is available and the child’s use can be monitored, a Google search for unknown words and phrases yields useful results

Growing up in the seventies and eighties, children had fewer distractions to reading. Today, the distractions are legion, yet we must polish the minds of our young ones by exposing them to well written books and periodicals.


We were all once children, and like all children, we had childhood dreams. Many of those dreams changed weekly or monthly. Whatever the intervals, they certainly changed. From wanting to be pilots to policemen, and then engineers, children swing across a range of desires and dreams. This is perfectly healthy, and no adult should have sleepless nights over such childhood fantasies.

Sometimes, a child would come home and announce that when she grew up she would want to marry her father! Kids do say hilarious things. We should never have knee-jerk reactions to such things. It is all part of the process of discovering and becoming. Eventually, with time, everyone settles down with a few things and apply themselves to those things. Years later as an adult, a person may end up adopting a vocation that he never even fantasized about as a child.

Because of the rapid changes going on in the world, especially in the field of technology, certain jobs and roles didn’t even exist ten years ago. As such, it is essential that we keep exposing children to keep them abreast of new developments. Thankfully, the internet is there. Also, there are books and periodicals that serve the purpose as well. Television, if well channelled, can also serve to help continually expose children to how the world is changing. There are television channels devoted to scientific developments and current affairs. Along with educational TV shows and audio-visual products, these are potent resources for ensuring that whatever it is that your children dream of today, they are best equipped for the realities of tomorrow.

In the meantime, over to you: what were your childhood dreams, and how many of them have you embraced as an adult? Do share your stories in the comments section below.


In today’s world of audio-visuals and the internet, book reading may not seem like it has any place in our lives any more. Yet, there are specific advantages to picking up a book to read.

1. Sharper Mind

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. A mind that does not read is a mind that remains weak and may ultimately wither away. Reading regularly is necessary exercise for the brain. It helps children especially build sharper minds.

2. Greater Knowledge & Exposure

Every book – even fictional works – is an embodiment of knowledge. There us always something to learn. It may be a little bit of history, law, medicine, fashion, or sports. A book can take the reader around the world to cities and countries he has never been to. He can experience cultures that he had no idea existed.

3. Broader Vocabulary

One of the best benefits of reading is that it helps the reader develop a broader vocabulary. This in turn means that they can better express themselves, whether in writing or in speaking.

4. Stronger Analytical/Cognitive Skills

A good mystery, detective, detective or even romantic novel can be a great way to sharpen analytical and cognitive kills. Books compel the reader to think and to picture scenarios. As the reader follows the plots and twists, the mind attempts to work out the intrigue.

5. Better Attention Span

It may be cool to read short blog posts as we shuttle between our homes and schools or places of work. We live in a jet-paced age in which attention span keeps dropping. Picking up a book to read on a regular basis will help us keep good attention spans. It also helps sharpen our memories.

Whether it is children, parents, teachers or any other, reading is essential and should be embraced and encouraged. First Veritas has a range of novels and story books that anyone can enjoy. Call 08104039757 for more details. Read a book today!

Back to School Guide for Parents

School breaks are time for fun activities and late mornings. During vacation most parents allow their kids to stay up late and wake up late because there is no school.  And every time school opens, they are faced with the challenge of dragging their cranky little ones out of bed into their school uniforms.

So a couple of weeks before school opens, start adjusting sleeping time slowly back to normal. Parents should remember that kids getting sufficient sleep will wake up on their own. So if your little one is cranky in the morning, it simply means he or she slept a little late the previous night. So parents take your cue from there. Establish a regular bedtime routine early on and you will not have a problem when school resumes.

Also, endeavour to make your children’s school supplies available; confirm the list of school books with the school, get new apparels (school uniforms, shoes etc) if need be, work out understanding with the school concerning school fees, confirm school bus arrangements if applicable. Essentially, attempt to make your child’s journey through education as easy as you humanly can.

Back to School Guide for Students

The holiday is over now, what next?

There are things that you need to prepare before school resumes. This is not only about buying school supplies and uniforms or books. More than anything else, students should prepare themselves by having the right attitude towards learning.

Education does not happen only in the classroom. Activities during vacation can be a source of learning also. When you develop the attitude of learning even from everyday things, school will be a lot more fun and interesting. Also, reading in advance the school books to be used during the term will give you a glimpse of the lessons to be taken and thus facilitate better understanding when discussing in class.

Ever heard of the saying “Play hard, work harder”? Well, maybe not. However, the holiday was a period of rejuvenation and some relaxation. Now that the period is over, it is time to shake off the water droplets and get back to the grind of active education in Nigeria.

So, arm yourselves with your school supplies (school books, stationery etc) and the right attitude and have a fantastic school year.

Happy new academic year

In Preparation for the Holidays

Holidays are not only exciting but are necessary pit stops for students. During these times, our children engage in fun activities other than school. However, it is also important that kids maintain certain learning activities even during non-school days. This is because children thrive on regular schedules and also will help them appreciate learning even more.

Introduce activities that are both fun and educational during these breaks. The Jumbo activity book under the Pinwheel Series is a good tool to use this coming holiday. Children will enjoy the coloring and learning activities there. This is part of the series of school books from First Veritas that are in line with the program of early childhood education in Nigeria.

The Learning Zone; The School

While it is common that children are taught basic literacy at home, not all children are privileged to have training. For most kids, the school represents their first encounter with letters and numbers. This is very exciting especially for little children who are always bursting with curiosity and are overly eager to learn. They are inquisitive learners and they thrive well in a school environment that can cater to their never ending questions.

When the school atmosphere is conducive to learning, it becomes an effective learning zone. This simply means that the facilities, curriculum and school books are responsive to the present needs of the students. Education in Nigeria has taken bold steps toward uplifting their present education system. Presently, learning tools that are products of innovation are widely used in Nigerian schools.

How to Develop a Pre-School Curriculum

Making Pre-School Curriculum Relevant


A child’s learning needs are special. During these tender years more emphasis should be placed on the total development of the child. This being said, pre-school curriculum should not be only about cognitive learning. Child education experts worldwide agree that the best approach to early childhood education in order to attain powerful and positive results is the multi-skill method. This means that school books should not only cater to intellectual development. Equally important areas for development are creative, social, communication, and motor skills.

Children absorb more through play rather than rote learning. Hence it is important that books are created to make the learning process interesting and fun for small children. Colorful pictures and drawings are one of the best ways to achieve this. The Pinwheel series for instance has featured innovations like sing along CDs to make learning rhymes easy and enjoyable.

The Litany of The Nigerian Pre-Schooler

I love reading books. I like the colorful ones best because they show pictures of different things. My mom bought me a big book as my birthday present last year. It has pictures of animals and flowers and things I see around the house. My mom told me that when I go to school, I will have plenty of books to read. I was excited!

Yesterday was my first day of school. When teacher gave us our school books I was surprised – all letters and no colorful pictures! They look like big people’s books, only with bigger prints. I was not excited anymore. I felt sleepy when teacher was reading it with us.

We had visitors when I got home from school. My mummy’s sister’s daughter, my cousin, Gloria, was excited to show me her books. She is a preschooler in another school. Her books were lovely! They had beautiful and colorful drawings and I could even see mascots and sing along CDs. My aunt said they were Pinwheel books. She mentioned something about colorful books being important to children’s education.

Now I am really sad. I wish my books were as beautiful as my cousin’s. Maybe I should throw a tantrum to change to Gloria’s school.

Bringing the Nigerian Schools to the 21st Century

21st Century Education System Now In Nigeria

While most modern countries have started to take advantage of the benefits of technology, a lot of developing countries are still facing huge challenges in their education system. Advancement in technology has provided the best gateways to learning and the introduction of electronic school books and modern school technology has brought radical improvement in the learning opportunities of students.

Image gotten from here

Image gotten from here

Such are the realities of the 21st century, an opportunity that is now being realized in Nigeria. With publishing companies like First Veritas committing itself to provide innovative learning materials and educational tools, Nigeria is now well on its way to the door of global opportunities. As the world become more and more connected, the need for modern education comes to the fore. This simply means that bringing Nigerian schools to the 21st century will equip its homegrown talents and skills to compete for global jobs with confidence.

A relevant education system is one of the best ways for nations to empower its people and uplift its economy. And relevant education happens when stakeholders start consulting each other and listening to innovative ideas.