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Information and communications technology (ICT) has changed the landscape of the world. No area of life and living has escaped its tentacles. Education certainly has. Like any other field, education has had to adjust and metamorphose in accordance with how people live.New Picture (3)

For example, while traditional paper books are not going extinct any time soon, there is no arguing the fact that a significant portion of people on the planet are changing their reading habits. With more and more people switching to consuming information on electronic devices, education simply must adjust. Be it desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones, more people are consuming their content digitally. Even more important, they are spending their time on digital media.

As such, we must adapt to the changing landscape of how humans live. We must explore the worlds of e-books, audio books and visual aids in teaching our children. And as teachers and parents, we certainly must adapt to these if we must learn and keep up with the times ourselves.

The transition to digital learning is real and sweeping. What can we do to adapt and adjust?

  • It is a good idea to expose our children to digital media as early as possible
  • have a laptop (even if only a cheap, lower-end model) at home for the children to use
  • if possible, have at least one tablet available for them to use as well.

Why are these recommended? Isn’t this sort of exposure dangerous for children? The exposure in itself does not have to be dangerous for the children, especially in our internet-connected age. Parents can monitor the use of these devices in order to restrict exposure to the dangerous part of the web.

But it is essential that children learn the skills that enable them to search out information by themselves. We used to have physical libraries filled with books. While they still exist in some areas, today’s library is digital. It is also global and almost limitless. Educating children without exposing them to this new reality early is the equivalent of educating children 30 years ago without exposing them to books.

Things to Consider before Establishing a School in Nigeria

Putting Up A School In Nigeria: Things You Need To Consider


There a lot of things one needs to consider when putting up a school in Nigeria. Other than the usual concerns like infrastructure and manpower, running a school has other needs inherent to the nature of the business itself. Education may be considered a lucrative business by a lot of entrepreneurs but one has to make sure that quality is maintained to the highest standards possible.


Make modern innovations work for you. Running a school necessitates a system that takes care of its database. Manually managing a large volume of information will be impractical and expensive hence investing in an excellent school technology system is wise.

There is also the standard for school books to consider. There are superintending bodies that oversee the quality of school books in Nigeria.

Need Help with School Database Clutter?

Need Help with School Database Clutter?


Running a school efficiently is a task not meant for the faint-hearted.  One of the more challenging aspects of school management is the database. Even a small-sized school would run amiss if no system is in place for its data. And the most important ingredient for managing a school successfully is efficient database management.

An efficient school management system should include not only learning activities but management and administrative activites as well. Updated data should be retrievable by concerned individuals whether they are school officials or students. Maintaining a large database manually is a massive task that requires so much time and people working on it.

As technology continues to advance, schools now have tools to make help them get rid of school database clutter. Innovative companies like First Veritas have come up with school technology systems that answer this need. Using these systems not only makes the job easier but improves productivity as well. Also, systems providers provide consulting sessions to make sure that everything is running as it should be.

Bringing the Nigerian Schools to the 21st Century

21st Century Education System Now In Nigeria

While most modern countries have started to take advantage of the benefits of technology, a lot of developing countries are still facing huge challenges in their education system. Advancement in technology has provided the best gateways to learning and the introduction of electronic school books and modern school technology has brought radical improvement in the learning opportunities of students.

Image gotten from here

Image gotten from here

Such are the realities of the 21st century, an opportunity that is now being realized in Nigeria. With publishing companies like First Veritas committing itself to provide innovative learning materials and educational tools, Nigeria is now well on its way to the door of global opportunities. As the world become more and more connected, the need for modern education comes to the fore. This simply means that bringing Nigerian schools to the 21st century will equip its homegrown talents and skills to compete for global jobs with confidence.

A relevant education system is one of the best ways for nations to empower its people and uplift its economy. And relevant education happens when stakeholders start consulting each other and listening to innovative ideas.

The One Stop Shop for School Technology

First Veritas: Making A Difference In Education Through Innovation

A new trend in the education system is fast gaining popularity. As education takes on innovative methods of teaching, learners now have the advantage of using technology to facilitate learning. Education has taken a bold step towards providing school technology that introduced innovative school technology.

Today’s learning modalities encourages more interaction and a lot of students learn faster using this method. The opportunity of using EBooks in school offers many advantages that traditional textbooks cannot provide. Information are relevant and updated, feedback is instantaneous and even consulting with mentors became easier.

Publishers like First Veritas have come up to the challenge of meeting the needs of today’s educational system in the hope of helping students improve performance as well as upgrade teaching methods. By providing innovative tools and quality educational resources through a one stop shop service for school technology, school administrators are assured of an efficient system t, o cater to the various needs of an educational institution. For institutions who aim to provide high-quality classroom resources, these tools can definitely expand opportunities.

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